Carl Mitchell

All coaches are available for 121’s and small group training.
Carl Mitchell

Carl has trained in martial arts for over 25 years.  His passion, like many as a youth, started from watching Bruce Lee films and he started training in Karate.  He later returned to martial arts as an adult and trained in various martial arts including traditional karate, wing chun kung fu and freestyle kickboxing.

In 2005 he started training in Muay Thai and has not looked back since.  He has consistently trained in Muay Thai since this time and in 2011 gained his 10th Khan black armband and soon after his Instructor certificate after a period of acting as assistant coach.

Carl has been instructing as a Muay Thai Boxing instructor since 2011, teaching and working with all levels from beginner to professional fighters, helping and supporting those in their training and developing their striking and muay thai techniques.

Carl is now head coach at Monkey Muay Thai and firmly believes in creating a club that is accessible to all by making it a welcome and friendly environment.