Muay Thai Boxing



Muay Thai boxing is the combat sport of Thailand, also known as ‘The science of 8 limbs’ as it uses stand up striking techniques including punches, elbows, knees and kicks alongside various clinching (grappling) techniques.

This martial art is not only a combat sport, but is great for learning self-defense skills, building confidence and increasing stamina and fitness.

In the Fundamentals class, the main emphasis is working on basic techniques and combinations, predominately on pads and bags and is suitable for beginner levels.

The Mixed Ability class introduces more advanced combinations and techniques on pads, bags and dutch style drills (working with partner), whilst also introducing more footwork, clinch and range techniques. This class is aimed at all levels, but more suited to those with a little experience.

Sparring is an opportunity to apply the techniques learnt in class in a controlled manner.

Some equipment is required in order to train.  We are currently unable to loan out equipment due to COVID-19.  You will need to bring your own.

Basic equipment needed for these sessions include:

  • 10-16oz gloves
  • Hand wraps
  • Shin guards
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional) 

Optional equipment needed but necessary if sparring!

  • Gum shield
  • Box/cup/groin guard