James Reedman

All coaches are available for 121’s and small group training.

James Reedman is a competitor in a range of martial arts, actively competing regularly in mixed martial arts, jujitsu and K1 competitions. James is also a personal trainer specialising in sport specific strength and conditioning programmes weight loss and body transformations.

James has a background in teaching adults and children with special needs in Physical education.  He has a personal belief that all people can benefit from being active and participating in sport at whatever level or ability. James also takes a keen interest in nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing using sports phsycology.

James first started training in mixed martial arts in 2011 when a friend introduced him to the sport. He initially did it for enjoyment then caught the MMA bug. Since then he has been lucky enough to train all over the world in many disciplines learning from some of the greatest teachers, he has now settled in Windsor.

James has been lucky enough to be an active part of many current and future UFC stars fight camps.  He has recently be working internationally after being announced as a coach for the Gibraltar national mixed martial arts team.

James lives his life by the motto, “once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results”.